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Datacenter Solutions

VMware’s proven datacenter solutions, built on the industry’s leading virtualization platform, drive business agility by simplifying your IT infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible datacenter. See how our customers achieve energy savings, faster application and service delivery, full IT management automation and higher levels of business continuity.

Start with Server Consolidation

Start by pooling resources with server consolidation, reducing your hardware needs by a 10:1 ratio. Less hardware means you can lower hardware and operating costs by up to 50% and energy costs by 80%. On average, customers save $3,000 per year for every virtualized server workload.

Manage Servers More Efficiently

Rein in server sprawl as you manage and monitor virtual machines with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Netware, on a single virtualization platform. Analyze and monitor resource pools, server utilization and availability.

Software-Defined Datacenter

The software-defined approach moves beyond traditional IT complexity and rigidity by liberating datacenter services from the constraints of specialized hardware. All IT services are pooled, aggregated, and delivered as software, and managed by intelligent, policy-driven software.

Eliminate Planned and Unplanned Downtime

Virtualize servers, desktops and applications to ensure data protection, deliver high availability and meet your disaster recovery goals. Eliminate planned downtime and minimize unplanned downtime through virtualization.

Stay Compliant and Secure

Get cost-effective adaptive security services and tools for your cloud infrastructure. Ensure that you are secure and compliant across your entire infrastructure, including applications, network and endpoints.

Build and Run a Complete Private or Hybrid Cloud

Gain the benefits of increased IT responsiveness, simplified operations, and the highest application SLAs, with one integrated product offering.

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