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Enterprise Virtualization

VMware is helping thousands of global enterprises reduce their IT budgets while improving the level of service provided to internal customers. Instead of just “keeping the lights on, ” see how virtualization can help you adapt to business changes quickly without giving up the security and control you need to meet both internal and external compliance requirements.

  • utomate maintenance tasks to make room for strategic projects
  • Adapt quickly to business changes with an agile and flexible virtualized infrastructure
  • Provide services to your customers on demand and move toward delivering IT as a Service

Cloud Computing

Organizations are turning to cloud computing to improve IT efficiency and business agility. With cloud computing, you can enable more flexible service delivery and automate core IT processes, including both user and application provisioning and systems management. VMware virtualization solutions accelerate an organization’s transition to the cloud, by abstracting complexity and creating an elastic pool of compute, storage and networking resources. By virtualizing all assets in the IT infrastructure, you can create a private cloud that leverages the world’s most trusted virtualization platform, VMware vSphere.
VMware cloud solutions improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability, while helping IT drive innovation. VMware delivers everything IT needs to build, operate, rent, and manage their cloud, even beyond the data center, while continuously quantifying its impact. VMware helps customers evolve technical foundations, organizational models, operational processes and financial measures to establish both a cloud infrastructure and cloud operations model that delivers the greatest benefit from cloud computing. VMware cloud solutions maximize the potential of cloud computing to:

  • Deliver new IT services that fuel business growth. More rapidly create and deploy services that differentiate the business
  • Transform IT into a source of innovation.Unlock IT resources and reinvest in services that advance business goals
  • Ensure IT efficiency, agility, and reliability.Deliver enterprise SLAs for tier 1 applications, securing the business even across diverse cloud environments

Desktop/End User Computing

Increase profitability by driving down costs, reducing risk and improving workplace productivity with VMware’s End User Computing solutions. These solutions that leverage Horizon View, Horizon Mirage and Horizon Workspace, allow you to create a more agile and secure business IT infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business and end user needs.

  • Enhance user access with the mobile secure workplace
  • Drive higher SLAs at lower costs with the business process desktop
  • Centralize IT management with the branch office desktop
  • Constant availability to critical applications and data with alwayson desktop

Virtualize Business Critical Applications

Move your business critical applications into a virtual infrastructure and get the quality of service, availability and reliability you need for even the most demanding applications. Take advantage of the agility and flexibility of virtualization to decrease the time to market for new applications while scaling capacity up and down as needed.

Cloud Application Platform

Business applications need to catch up with the user experience, real-time data and elastic scale found in today’s most popular web apps. VMware vFabric Suite can help you modernize your applications quickly. Unlike heavyweight middleware, vFabric is a lightweight runtime platform optimized for today’s modern applications running in cloud and virtual environments.

Leverage Spring, the world’s most widely used Java framework to build cloud-scale apps that are portable across a range of deployment environments. Easily scale (up and down) your applications to accommodate dynamic usage and unpredictable loads. Web-enable your existing applications for consumption on a range of mobile devices and platforms. Quickly and easily deploy them onto your virtual infrastructure.

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