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vCenter Operations Management


Automate Operations Management

Deliver quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance for your dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure and business critical applications with VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. Using patented analytics and an integrated approach vCenter Operations dramatically simplifies management tasks and gives you the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively ensure health, efficiency and compliance with IT policies.

Proactively Ensure Service Levels, Efficiency and Compliance

Dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure requires a new approach to operations management. Traditional tools and processes designed for static physical environments overwhelm you with monitoring data, alerts and open questions. They’re not designed for highly scalable, dynamic and converged infrastructure. As a result, end users are often first to report performance problems, putting more pressure on IT because of a fundamental lack of visibility into the true health, efficiency and compliance with IT policies of both infrastructure and applications.

VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite solves the cloud operations challenge with an innovative approach and proven technology delivering on the three characteristics needed for success:

  • Automated – Patented, self-learning analytics enable a much higher degree of automation than traditional management tools, delivering nearly 70% productivity gains, 30% reduction in resource consumption, according to Forrester research.
  • Integrated – An integrated approach to performance, capacity, configuration management, delivered as an integrated suite, helps you manage the environment holistically and unifies teams across infrastructure and operations.
  • Comprehensive – Built on an open and extensible operations platform designed for dynamic hybrid cloud environments, vCenter Operations delivers comprehensive performance, capacity, change, configuration and compliance management, application discovery and monitoring, and cost metering capabilities.

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