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Virtual SAN

Cincinnati Bell Achieves Scalable Cloud Infrastructure & Reduces Costs with VMware Virtual SAN

The Overview

Virtual SAN is a new software-defined storage tier, pooling compute and direct-attached storage resources and clustering server disks and flash to create radically simple and resilient shared storage designed for virtual machines. Virtual SAN automates storage provisioning and management with a self-tuning VM-centric approach. By enabling a scale-out architecture with built-in read/write SSD caching, it delivers high performance, resiliency against multiple hardware failures and dynamic scalability. Initial use cases include VDI, test/dev and tier2/3, vHadoop and DR targets.Virtual SAN is hardware-agnostic and works with server hardware from all major server vendors.

Key Benefits

  • Radically simple storage:
    Streamline provisioning and administration with policy-based management.
  • Hypervisor-converged storage:
    Virtual SAN is embedded into the vSphere kernel so it can optimize the I/O data path for better performance than a virtual appliance or external device.
  • Server-side read/write caching:
    Leverages flash server-side SSD flash as both a write buffer and a read cache.
  • Anticipate Bottlenecks:
    Enable health monitoring and use performance analytics to help anticipate performance bottlenecks and enable vSphere infrastructure health with patented self-learning analytics.
  • Lower TCO:
    leverages inexpensive server disks and flash, employing standard vSphere networking, reducing power and cooling costs, and boosting operational efficiency through automation.
  • Two-click storage provisioning:
    Provisions shared storage directly from vCenter during virtual machine creation.
  • Resiliency against multiple hardware failures:
    Leverages distributed RAID and cache mirroring and tolerates multiple disk and node failures.

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