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Virtualising Enterprise Applications

Virtualize Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere to get breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability. Protect your applications from downtime with built-in automated disaster recovery solutions from VMware.

Microsoft Exchange

Run Microsoft Exchange on VMware vSphere to not only match, but exceed the performance of physical servers by 100% or more. Consolidate multiple Exchange server roles and mailboxes to reduce infrastructure footprint by 5X to 10X. Maximize Exchange availability without the complexity of Microsoft clustering. Right-size Exchange infrastructure and scale your mailboxes dynamically to support increasing loads.

Oracle Databases and Applications

Virtualize your mission-critical Oracle software, including database, middleware and applications, and achieve quantifiable time-to-market and TCO improvements. A simplified IT environments lets your Oracle IT and Application administrators better leverage your storage, network and computing resources to IT control costs and respond faster to changing business needs.


With VMware virtualization solutions, your SAP solutions based development, test, training, and production environments can cost less and be more productive than within a purely physical infrastructure. From server consolidation and containment to business process and data center automation, the full range of virtualization benefits can be applied to all sizes of SAP deployments.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint Server can easily create “too much success” for IT – its easy to be a hero for providing tools that increase productivity and change the way people work together, but its very difficult to scale SharePoint resources to maximize their benefit. Its even harder to maintain rock-solid availability and to ensure your ability to mitigate small or large disasters if adding capacity is the biggest problem.
SharePoint Server is a perfect candidate for virtualization. Physical implementations suffer from many limitations including time wasted waiting for servers to arrive, waiting for software to load, and testing complex HA and DR designs. Virtualization eliminates the dependence of the SharePoint component server on physical hardware. Now you can easily add CPU and memory resources on the fly, move workloads to more powerful machines, deal with planned hardware maintenance with zero application downtime, immediately re-start workloads from failed machines, and recover to a DR site without worrying about maintaining exactly duplicated hardware. SharePoint is supposed to work this way. On VMware vSphere, it does!

SQL Server

Accelerate application lifecycles and improve application quality of service by consolidating your SQL Servers on the private cloud VMware vSphere. With vSphere, you can consolidate your SQL infrastructure by 4X to 20X and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50% while avoiding the painful compromises associated with traditional database consolidation. Run SQL on vSphere with the confidence that even large databases will perform well in virtual machines.

  • Deliver databases as dynamic, cost-efficient and reliable IT services on your private cloud
  • Accelerate database delivery with on-demand provisioning, automated release cycles and streamlined testing and troubleshooting
  • Guarantee database Quality of Service with dynamic scalability, built-in availability and simple disaster recovery

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